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Why PiCloudWhy PiCloud?

We believe that the simpler we make cloud computing, the more powerful it is for you. Developer productivity is our number one goal.
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What is PiCloudWhat is PiCloud?

A platform that automates high performance computing, while offering reliability, security, and cost savings.
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Do you support XYZDo you support XYZ?

We support much more than just Python. Deploy any software written in any language including C, C++, Java, R, MATLAB, and Fortran.

Is PiCloud for me?Is PiCloud for me?

If your application needs compute cycles, we can help. For example:

Latest NewsLatest News

Introducing Queues—Build Pipelines in the Cloud

Our latest feature gives you a distributed, fault-tolerant message queue with a scalable message processing system. Learn more →

Introducing the PiCloud Notebook

The PiCloud Notebook is a Python console in your browser optimized for data analysis and collaboration. Check it out →

Announcing the 2nd Annual Research Grant Program

To give back to the community, we are awarding three researchers 10,000 free core hours. Apply today →

PiCloud Wins Grand Prize in Amazon EC2 Spotathon

We have published our Spotathon Application to share our insights into the spot instance market with the greater community. Learn more →

What our users have to say...What our users have to say...

  • “We have achieved speed-ups on the order of 1,000 times faster for large unsupervised feature learning jobs.”

    > Geordie Rose, CTO, D-Wave Systems.

  • “We estimate that [PiCloud] cuts our operational costs for managing the infrastructure by over 50%.”

    > Gary Rose, Head of R&D, Zinc.TV

  • “Like all elegant abstractions, the simplicity of the interface belies the sophistication of the implementation.”

    > Stephen Elliott, Senior Product Manager at Amazon.

  • “This would normally take 20 to 25 hours… I was able to run it in PiCloud in only 50 minutes.”

    > Joemar Taganna, Flanders Institute for Biotech.

Case StudiesCase Studies


Quantum computing pioneer, D-Wave, has sped up machine learning workloads 1,000 fold using PiCloud. Read it here →


Internet television dashboard Zinc.TV aggregates daily video content from over 500 web properties using PiCloud. Read it here →

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