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Public Cloud

Signing up gives you instant access to our public cloud solution. Your workloads run on our cloud, which means you get on-demand access to as many cores as you need. If you're looking to use PiCloud with private infrastructure, see our private cloud offering.


You pay only for what you use. There is no minimum fee. We charge you for the number of core hours your functions consume. Each of your functions can be run on any of the cores we offer. Please note, that while our pricing is expressed in hours for clarity, your actual charge will be prorated by the millisecond.

Core Type Compute Units 1 Memory Disk Max Multicore 2 Price/Hour
c1 (default) 1 300 MB 15 GB 1 $0.05
c2 2.58 x 2.5 800 MB6.4 GB 30 GB 8 $0.13$1.04
f2 5.5 w/ HT16 x 5.5 3.7 GB59.2 GB 100 GB 16 $0.22$3.52
m1 3.258 x 3.25 8 GB64 GB 140 GB 8 $0.30$2.40
s1 3 0.5 to 2 300 MB 4 GB 1 $0.04

1 A compute unit as defined by Amazon provides "the equivalent CPU capacity of a 1.0-1.2 GHz 2007 Opteron or 2007 Xeon processor." All of our cores have 64-bit architectures.

2 Using multicore, workloads can use N cores of the same type to get access to N times the resources (compute power, RAM). Hover over the multicore column to see the maximum resources a single unit of work can utilize. See documentation for more details.

3 Each s1 core has a unique IP address, which makes it ideal for scraping. Because it offers a variable amount of compute power, it should be used only for network-bound tasks where a unique IP is required.

Example: If you run 1,000 functions on c1 cores, each taking 9 seconds, you consume 2.5 compute hours (9,000 seconds) of computation time, which costs 2.5 hours x $0.05 per hour = $0.125. See example in calculator.

Since your functions will not be running serially, it will take far less time than 2.5 wall clock hours for them to finish. To guarantee when your functions begin executing, and the number that will execute in parallel, see Real-Time Cores.

Real-Time Cores

Real-time cores allow you to ensure the number of cores you have access to, and how soon your computation begins executing. You can reserve real-time cores by the hour.

Each type of real-time core has an hourly minimum. If your usage of the real-time core meets or exceeds the minimum, then you only pay for the cost of the computation. If it does not, then your computation bill will reflect the minimum hourly charge.

Example: Assume you have reserved 1 c1 core for an hour. If you run a single job that takes the full hour, then your bill from computation is $0.05, which is larger than the minimum of $0.03, so you pay $0.05. If you don't run any jobs, then your computation bill is $0, so you pay the minimum rate of $0.03 for that hour. You hit the break-even point when your jobs for the hour run for a combined total of 3/5th of the hour (36 minutes), because that accrues a bill of $0.03, equal to the minimum.

Type Hourly Minimum
c1 $0.03/hour
c2 $0.08/hour
f2 $0.13/hour
m1 $0.20/hour
s1 $0.025/hour


Storing data across any of PiCloud's services follows these rates:

Storage Usage Rate
First 50 TB per Month $0.160 per GB
Next 50 TB per Month $0.150 per GB
Next 400 TB per Month $0.140 per GB
Next 500 TB per Month $0.115 per GB
Next 4000 TB per Month $0.090 per GB
Over 5000 TB per Month $0.065 per GB

Data Transfer

Transfering data to and from any of PiCloud's services follows these rates:

Data Transfer In Usage Rate
All Data Transfer $0 per GB

Data Transfer Out Usage Rate
Up to 10 TB per Month $0.16 per GB
Next 40 TB per Month $0.12 per GB
Next 100 TB per Month $0.10 per GB
Over 150 TB per Month $0.09 per GB

You will not be charged for data transfer between PiCloud and Amazon Web Services, such as S3 or your own EC2 instance, in the US-EAST Region.

Support Plans

We offer several tiers of support plans to meet your business's needs. All of our customers get access to community support, and our web-based ticketing system for personalized assistance. Our premium plans offer customers who require a higher level of support the ability to get fast, predictable response times. With our gold plan, you can ensure around-the-clock support for your most mission-critical applications.

Features Basic Silver Gold
Community support * * *
One-on-one support via support tickets * * *
One-on-one phone support *
24 hour response time for all issues * *
1 hour maximum response time for urgent issues *
Single point of contact for all support needs *

Plan Pricing
Basic Free
Silver $50
Gold Greater of $300 or 10% of monthly usage

Please note that when upgrading your support plan, the change takes effect immediately. This means that if you are experiencing an urgent issue, you can take advantage of the benefits of the higher level plan as soon as you request the plan change. On the other hand, a request to downgrade your support plan will be processed at the beginning of the next month. In the meantime, the benefits of your current plan are still available to you. Your monthly support charge will be pro-rated by the amount of time spent under each plan.

Private Cloud

Enterprises with existing infrastructure, and/or data-security requirements can deploy PiCloud in a private datacenter. We support VMware, KVM, Xen, and bare metal stacks.

We provide quotes for private cloud installations after a thorough review of your internal infrastructure to determine the complexity of deploying our software in your environment. The prices for our public cloud offering do not apply to our private cloud offering.

Private cloud deloyments are typically packaged with support plans, consulting services, and training. To learn more, please contact us.

Consulting Services

For those seeking to start a new cloud deployment, move existing systems to PiCloud, or optimize existing usage, we offer specialized consulting services to suite your needs. Get advice and help from the creators of PiCloud, and our approved partners. To learn more, please contact us.


We offer single and multi-day training sessions for companies building on the PiCloud Platform, either onsite at your company's offices, or through scheduled webcasts. To learn more, please contact us.

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