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PiCloud Academic Program

Scientific Research. It's in our DNA.

Cloud computing is fast becoming an essential arena for scientific researchers and academic software developers to test new scientific models, and analyze tremendous amounts of data.

We're dedicated to building long-term relationships with faculty, researchers, and students, by providing academia with real-world, high-performance computing solutions that are affordable, easy-to-use, and scalable.

PiCloud gives every scientist, developer, and engineer in the world access to clusters of machines that 10 years ago were available only to the largest companies and national laboratories. Academic and research institutions can now offer their departments compute hours on demand with comprehensive support provided by PiCloud through our PiCloud Academic Platform (PAP) program.

Why Cloud?

Reduced funding, rising costs and increased competition are driving change across academic institutions. From private and public universities to community colleges, IT leaders are seeking ways to improve service delivery, introduce leading edge research tools, and pioneer new innovative methodologies, like cloud computing, to meet the needs of academic research populations while lowering costs.

Academic institutions want to invest in state-of-the-art solutions that improve IT efficiency as they continue to ask staff to do more with less. IT leaders responsible for expanding centralized core services are assessing how to effectively knit legacy and new applications and infrastructure together into modern working IT environments while meeting the unique requirements of departmental IT teams, especially in the areas of high performance computing and the cloud. Most importantly, they are managing an increasing volume of data in datacenters, which now consume more space and power than many institutions with restricted campus boundaries can afford. That’s where we come in.

PiCloud understands that these challenges are amplified in a world in which academic researchers and faculty are seeking leading edge cloud solutions to remain competitive as a research university and to lower the costs of running their departments To attract and retain students and staff, and to become world class scientific research organizations, academic IT leaders strive to provide the most advanced academic research environment. Yet, they must implement improvements within limited, sometimes diminishing budgets and with as little disruption as possible to learning. One IT director says that "every dollar we don’t spend on IT is funding we can allocate to other priorities, in support of research, faculty and academic programs that are at the core of our school’s mission." In response to these pressures, college and university IT leaders are looking to cloud computing as the most strategic approach to:

For educational institutions, the mandate is clear: Reduce costs and optimize services while making information available and secure whenever and wherever it's needed. Consolidate resources. Improve student success. Accelerate scientific discoveries. Add administrative efficiencies. Conserve resources. These are among the challenges that PiCloud can help schools and universities address, and that shape the agenda of the PiCloud Academic Platform.

What PAP can do for You

At PiCloud, we are very supportive of academic research that to date has been limited due to significant cost barriers in getting large computing systems operational and the lack of software tools. By making large compute clusters available and by contributing to open source software, we hope to enable researchers and students to innovate and create new kinds of systems, applications, and tools, pushing the boundaries in their respective fields.

At the core of PAP is the PiCloud Computing Platform, which can be used on the public cloud managed by us, or deployed to a private datacenter managed by a university IT department. Private datacenter deployments are ideal for universities with substantial existing infrastructure.

In addition to the deployment to the Computing Platform, PAP provides the support and training necessary for the following:


We provide quotes for PAP after a thorough review of the following:

PAP is typically packaged with support plans, consulting services, and training for researchers.

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